Out of Control - Ecclesiastes 8:2-15


Dave Gudgel - Apr 30, 2017

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Most of us are control freaks. We like to be in control, rather than controlled. But the fact is, we spend most of our lives dealing with situations that are out of our control. Would you agree?

Have you ever lost a job that was not connected to your doing, but was simply a decision that the company made? Or have you ever gotten sick, even though you were trying to eat healthy and exercise and stay away from germs? These are just two examples of life circumstances that are out of our control.

We could talk about a lot more OOC happenings because our lives are loaded with them. That’s why OOC circumstances get primary focus in this week’s message learnings from Ecclesiastes 8. Sure help for people who’d like to be in control, but aren’t.

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