You’ll Never Get Enough of This - Ecclesiastes 9:13-10:20


Dave Gudgel - May 14, 2017

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In our continuing series in Ecclesiastes we will focus on something a person can never get enough of. If you have an infant at home, your first thought might be “sleep.” That’s understandable! Most moms (and dads too!) with a newborn baby could use a lot more sleep than they are getting right now.

As important as sleep is, our focus this Sunday will be on another need. An insatiable need that we’ll live with not just for a season of life, but for a lifetime.

Solomon intentionally chased after this thing that we’ll never get enough of in this lifetime. And this time he was chasing after something really worthwhile. And because of that, he came to a better place in his life than where he started. What we’ll focus on could do the same for us.

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