Passion for the Lost - Luke 15


David Brickner - Aug 20, 2017

Bulletin Notes

This Sunday at Bridges, we are talking about developing a passion for people who are lost in this world. In Luke 15, Jesus told three stories about lost things: a lost sheep, a lost coin, and two lost brothers. Each story reflects a different perspective on God’s love for lost people. How does our heart reflect the heart of God? A passion for the lost begins with a renewed understanding of God’s grace, mercy, and love towards us.

A passion for the lost is strengthened with renewed sense of urgency in the search, in the care and concern for those people who come across our path. A passion for the lost is further built upon an understanding of the true nature of repentance in light of the Father’s love and grace toward us. May we all develop a renewed sense of “A Passion for the Lost.”

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