Small Beginnings, Big Possibilities - Mark 4:26-29


Steve Durand - Jun 18, 2017

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When planting a garden, it’s common to create mental snapshots of what you hope the end-product will eventually look like. Despite your best-laid plans, however, growth can sometimes be painfully slow, imperceptible, or even non-existent. Instead of getting to enjoy the fruits of your labor, perhaps all you wind up with is a sore back and a bruised ego as you ponder what might have been and where things might have gone wrong. It’s easy to wonder in those frustrating moments if it was all worth it.

What’s true in the garden is also true of our spiritual lives. It’s tempting to want to throw in the towel when we or the things or the people around us don’t seem to be changing and growing at the rate we think they should. If you can relate, then this week’s message has some encouragement for you.

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