The Best Way to Face an Uncertain Future - Matthew 6:25-34


Steve Durand - Apr 19, 2020

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It doesn’t take living in this world very long to feel the weight of its brokenness. We know the world is not as it should be, and so we groan (Romans 8:18-23). We grieve. We grumble. And, if we were to be completely honest, we may even be tempted to wonder, “Where is God in all of this?”, “Is He in control right now?” and, “Can I actually trust Him?”

Fortunately, God is not dismissive of or intimidated by such questions. We can come boldly and honestly to Him with our pain and our worry, knowing and trusting that, rather than turning us away or offering us simple platitudes, our heavenly Father will amply supply the grace, the perspective, and the compassionate comfort we so desperately need when life hurts.

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