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Early Childhood (2 years – Kindergarten)

Each week, our caring leaders build spiritual truths into the lives of our children. Biblically based, fun, and age appropriate learning occurs in classes defined by birth dates.

Bible Based Curriculum

  • We use a curriculum called Tru that tells the Big God Story
  • TRU Wonder
    • * Starting each fall, every year the Big God Story narrative is told from creation to Christ’s return.
    • * TRU Wonder, piques the natural curiosity of children and invites the wonder of who God is.
    • * TRU Wonder is a two year curriculum, so different stories are told over the years.


Elementary (1st – 5th Grades)

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Every moment we share with your child will focus on “The Big God Story”, God’s incredible plan that began with creation and will end with His return.

Bible Based Curriculum

  • TRU Story
    • * First service curriculum is a small group model, while second service curriculum is a large group model.
    • * Each fall, TRU Story follows the Big God Story from creation to revelation.
    • * The Big God Story reveals God’s incredible plan and invites kids to be a part of it.
    • * TRU Story is a 3 year curriculum.





As parents you will have the most lasting impact in your child’s spiritual life. Our role as the faith community is to come alongside and support you as your children grow.


HomeFront Weekly, a pre-teaching tool to encourage families to spend time together in God’s Word during the week before coming to church on Sunday. The scripture you work on during the week is reinforced during “The Big God Story” they will hear and see on Sunday. There are three parts of each HomeFront Weekly the week before the lesson to allow you the opportunity to read and discuss the scripture during the week.

HomeFront Weekly includes curriculum for our distinct age groups, TruWonder for ages 3 1/2 – kindergarten, and TruStory for elementary aged kids.  

HomeFront Weekly for each age group is available at the Connections Table in the Worship Center Foyer, in Burkhart Hall and the 4-plex.  


This monthly resource is packed with ideas for family devotions, ideas for creating traditions in your home, serving opportunities, and more!  Staying in line with Spiritual Parenting, each monthly issue focuses on one of the 10 Environments.

Click here to view the current month’s magazine.  

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