A New Beginning


Steve Durand - Jul 18, 2021

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Every four years American voters have to weigh and evaluate a new array of grandiose promises made by candidates aspiring to the office of President. Those with a sense of history will be familiar with some of the broken promises made in these campaigns, but the larger question is: Why do we continue to believe these promises in the first place?

Throughout history people have sought the perfect society and the perfect government to rule it. The yearning for this explains why people so consistently believe new promises of a grand vision for the government or for society. But the amazing promises found in the book of Isaiah about the future for God’s people are far more amazing, and certainly more eternal, than all of the governmental promises in history.

Join us this week as we conclude our message series in Isaiah and examine some of these promises for our future more closely, as well as the difference they make for our present lives.

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