Calling for Justice in an Unjust World


Steve Durand - Jul 11, 2021

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The subject of justice has been hotly debated over the past few years, especially in the face of such great suffering and outcry around the world. It is a word that many use, but few define. In terms of the Christian Church, some see a renewed emphasis on justice for the poor and vulnerable as nothing less than a rediscovery of the whole gospel, while others view the subject of justice with a measure of skepticism or concern that it’s a loaded term and that it distracts Christians from other equally important matters in our world.

Nevertheless, the concept of justice is one that is frequently addressed in Scripture, and it is a particularly prominent theme in the book of Isaiah. So, join us for this week’s message as we seek to gain greater clarity around the biblical notion of justice, as well as its social manifestation and implications for our lives as Christ-followers.

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