Eternal Victory


Steve Durand - Jul 12, 2020

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For the most part, the past decade has been quite good for followers of Bay Area professional sports teams. But as powerful and intoxicating as the joy of winning can be for many, it is a short-lived joy. We all quit celebrating at some point and go back to our lives, the victory parades come to an end, and the championship T-shirt eventually finds its way to the bottom of the drawer.

For joy to last, it must be rooted in something lasting. Something sturdy. Something that doesn’t evaporate in the face of defeat or hardship. Something eternal. For the Christ-follower, eternity not only reminds us that this world is not all there is, but it also assures and comforts us as we celebrate and place our hope in the truth that God will win - which means that, because of His grace, we will ultimately win - and that every dark thing will be defeated. Because of Him, eternal victory is certain.

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