The Meetup of Meetups


Dave Gudgel - Jul 5, 2020

Life before Covid was filled with opportunities to meet up with others – for work, school, church, friends, neighborhoods, family events... Now, getting together in person with others is rare, if it’s happening at all. And in our strange new world of face masks and social distancing, it’s definitely not the same as it used to be.

In what seemed like an instant, our world filled with meetings changed as Covid and sheltering-in-place became a thing. And now we are only slowly beginning to move back to some kind of normal as we come out of this time. And eventual our meet ups will begin again.

But one day in the future, in an instant, things will change again. And this time for good. At the perfect time, in the perfect location, with perfect conditions, with the perfect people, for a perfect reason. It’s going to be the meetup of all meetups. We’ll learn what Jesus has to say about it this week.

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