The Final Showdown


Steve Durand - Aug 9, 2020

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Have you ever watched a TV show where almost every single episode ended in a cliffhanger, and left you wondering if the main character would be able to get out of a particularly tight spot or would survive another week? The tension can be enormous. That is, unless, you already know how the whole TV series ends. You would then be able to rest more easily, knowing that each episode is not the end of the story.

One of the most helpful aspects of the Bible is that it enables us to fast-forward to the future, leaving no doubt as to how the cosmic battle between God and the forces of evil - that has been playing out since eternity past - will ultimately conclude. And because we already know the end of the story - namely, that God has already won the battle - those who put their trust in Jesus can rest more easily and live with hope.

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