Resurrection, Now What?


David Collister - Apr 7, 2013

Can you think of a moment in time that changed the rest of your life forever? Maybe it was a word of encouragement from a primary-school teacher to pursue your dreams; maybe it was the confidence built when you won a particular contest or received a special award; or maybe it was when you first learned that the person you loved wanted to share the rest of their life with you.

We all have moments at one time or another, that have a huge impact on our lives. Jesus\' resurrection was one of these indisputable, life-changing moments. When he rose to life, the people who first encountered him were never to be the same again – not in the least!

This Sunday we’re taking a fresh look at the post-resurrection accounts of Jesus, to see how his resurrection not only changed the lives of his followers in first-century Palestine, but how it is meant to completely change the lives of his followers today. For the better!

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