The Unexpected Path to Happiness


Dave Gudgel - Feb 24, 2013

If you knew you had one week to live, what would you do with every second of precious time you had left? Who would you hang with? Where would you go?

Chances are you’d spend as much time as possible with people you love, eating food you love, doing things you love. And you might even go out on a limb and do something you always said you’d do but never did before. Like sky diving. Or then again, maybe not.

I’m guessing you’re not going to spend any of your precious time doing your least favorite chores. Like cleaning the bathroom or pulling weeds. Yet that’s kind of what Jesus did when He washed the disciples’ feet. Hard to fathom? Yes. Which makes this Sunday’s message of interest to all, because if it was that important to him, then it should be important to all of us who are trying to follow His example.

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