The Best Advice Ever


Dave Gudgel - May 26, 2013

You can get advice for just about anything. Expert advice. What is it you need? Help from a cat expert? Weight loss counsel? Have a health concern? Thinking about getting married? Unsure about the best route to take to get into the city? Go ahead and Google “Expert Advice” and see what comes up among the 308 million sites you’ll have to choose your advice from.

Advice is everywhere. Just google it. But if you’re looking for the best advice ever, this Sunday we’re going to hear it. It’s found in Jesus’ words recorded in John 15.

If you can think of a time in your life when someone – a parent, spouse, coach, teacher, sibling, friend – gave you some life changing advice, you can understand why the advice Jesus gave could do the same. Exponentially. Because it was the best advice ever!

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