Dave Gudgel - Apr 14, 2013

Ours is a troubled world. We wish it wasn\'t. We long for a world that is free from war - nationally and relationally. A world without problems. No natural disasters. No campus shootings. No cancer or heart attacks. Money troubles - gone. And while we’re at it, wouldn’t it be nice if we could eat anything we wanted, and as much as we wanted, without getting fat?

It’s not like we weren’t warned. Jesus made it unmistakably clear. “In this world,” he said, “you will have trouble.” Oh how we wish He wouldn’t have said that. His lesson would have been so much more palatable if he had only said “may have trouble” or better yet “won’t have trouble.” But WILL screams hardship, pain, grief, tears, and anxiety.

Trouble produces troubled hearts, which is why this week’s message focus is so relevant. We are experts at living with troubled hearts in a troubled world. What we need however is to learn how to live with untroubled hearts in a troubled world. Jesus said that’s possible. We’ll find out how Sunday.

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