Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?


Dave Gudgel - Apr 28, 2013

Recent statistics tell us that two-thirds of incoming college freshman who claim to be born again will no longer make the same faith claim by the end of their college experience. That’s right. Two thirds. Pollster George Barna found that only twenty 20% of those who were highly churched as teens remain spiritually active by age 29. That’s one out of five! What’s up with that?!

This very same thing could have happened to Jesus’ disciples after He relocated back to heaven. That’s why Jesus, right up to the last minute he was with his disciples, focused on two indispensable matters that are essential to ongoing faith. This Sunday in our continuing series in the Gospel of John we’ll take a close look at what those two matters are and what they mean in our lives and the lives of those we long to see continue to follow the Lord long after we’re gone.

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