This is Life - 1 John 1:1-4

Series: SURE

Steve Durand - Sep 22, 2019

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There are a lot of areas in life where it’s ok to lack certainty. However, when it comes to our relationship with God and our eternal destiny, we should want to know for certain where we stand.

Thankfully, the book of 1 John is all about certainty, and the basis of that certainty. It also addresses and answers other important assurance-related questions, such as: How can I know that what I believe is true? How can I be assured of God’s love and control in my life? And how can I maintain certainty in the midst of disappointment and opposition?

If you’ve ever asked any of these questions, you’re not alone. Our hope and prayer is that God will use the new message series that we’re starting today to help you to become more certain than ever of your eternal future.

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