Who You Gonna Love? - 1 John 2:15-17

Series: SURE

Dave Gudgel - Nov 10, 2019

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You have to admit, living on planet earth is pretty incredible. It sure beats life on the Moon or Mars. There is so much to love about the world, in comparison. Food, water, air, shelter. Autumn leaves, wildflowers, mountains, waterfalls. Yes, we are very thankful God created earth and made it habitable. And lovable, too. Who doesn’t love a beautiful sunset or a stroll along the beach?

That’s all well and good, until you get to a Bible passage like the one before us this Sunday. The one that says, “Do not love the world!” Huh? Did I hear that right? Do not love the world that God lovingly created for people like us to enjoy? That sounds at odds with God’s original design intent. What John means by “the world” in this passage is our focus today.

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