Need to Know - 1 John 5:13-21

Series: SURE

Dave Gudgel - Feb 16, 2020

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Some people seem to know everything. Or at least a lot more than the average person knows. It’s baffling! Does the name Ken Jennings ring a bell? Does just asking that question cause you to think, “Should I have known that?” Just so you’re not left wondering who Ken Jennings is, he recently won the three-day GOAT (Greatest of All Time) Tournament on Jeopardy. The stuff Ken knows is beyond most of us. And maybe for good reason.

Not everything that comes our way is something we need to know. Some things are simply “could knows” or “don’t need to knows.” And there are even some things we know that we wish we didn’t know! But some things that come our way are things we really need to know. They’re that important! They might even have life-changing ramifications. Today our final message in the book of 1 John focuses on five certainties that everyone needs to know. For sure.

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