From This Day Forward - 1 Peter 4:1-7


Dave Gudgel - Jul 22, 2018

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Commitments of any kind are only as good as what happens after the commitment is made. Will the commitment stick? Is it worth the effort? Was it just a nice idea or could it actually become reality?

We’ve all made commitments of many kinds: to a marriage, or a diet, or a new job, or a friend. “You can count on me,” we pledge. “Things are going to be different from here on out,” we vow.

Of all the commitments a person could make, the one we’re looking at today is a big one. In fact, it’s one of the most important commitments a person can make in this present life. One that has “for better or worse” written all over it. It’s a commitment that God not only wants each of us to make, but also to follow through on!

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