Living as Exiles - 1 Peter 1:1-2


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Steve Durand - Mar 25, 2018

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Whenever we hear the term exile, our minds often run to an image of someone separated from their homeland or family. This could take the form of a refugee or an immigrant, but we could also broaden the term to perhaps include the Christian teenager who doesn’t fit in, the Christ-follower who is undergoing opposition for their beliefs, the person who feels hopeless about their current circumstances, or anyone who feels like they are living outside of where they long to be.

Today, we as Christians are, in a sense, exiles. That’s because, as we’ll see in our new sermon series based on the book of 1 Peter, we are living between two worlds. Our current world is tainted by sin, suffering, hostility, and persecution, but our future home – the one we long for and look forward to – is one that ought to fill us with inexpressible joy and hope. So, no matter where you are experiencing exile, remember that you’re not home yet. God promises that there’s a better day coming for all who put their hope and trust in Him.

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