Unity in Diversity – Romans 14


Steve Durand - Mar 4, 2018

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Have you ever noticed how easy it is to overlook your own personality quirks and habits? But then you get a roommate or get married and discover that other people’s quirks and habits conflict with your particular quirks and habits. And then you eventually have kids who somehow pick up your spouse’s most irritating quirks and habits. And then perhaps you decide to become part of a diverse church community made up of even more people who don’t quite have the same appreciation for your quirks and habits that you do. “If only everybody else could be just like I am,” you think to yourself, “things would sure go a lot more smoothly!”

We’ll be taking a look this week at how we as fellow believers in Christ – with such diverse personalities, backgrounds, preferences, and opinions – are to work through our problems and differences with one another. Which disagreements should we speak up and say something about, and which ones are less urgent or important in the grand scheme of things? How can we differentiate between what really matters and what doesn’t without compromising on that which is essential? How can we maintain unity in spite of our diversity?

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