When Conflict Strikes - Joshua 22


Steve Durand - Feb 18, 2018

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Perhaps you’re familiar with the saying, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” The truth, however, is that there is also a third certainty in this world: Conflict.

We’re surrounded by conflict, each and every day, whether at home, at work, at school, within families, among friends or coworkers, on the TV, on the news, and yes, even within churches. And while some of these conflicts are relatively minor and short-lived, others may start as small sparks but, if left unchecked, can ignite into firestorms that can devastate everything in their paths.

Fortunately, conflict doesn’t necessarily have to be destructive or painful. It doesn’t always have to ruin relationships or devastate the unity of a church body. This week will show us that, when approached biblically, conflict can turn even the most challenging relationships into peaceful ones.

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