A Divine Interruption - Numbers 22:21-35


Dave Gudgel - Aug 11, 2019

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This blurb may have interrupted something you’re trying to do. But now you’re reading about the very thing that you’d like to minimize. Interruptions. We live in a world where we are constantly being interrupted. A world where both the urgent and the trivial often interfere with the important. An incoming phone call intrudes on the in-person conversation that was scheduled weeks ago, but now, in this moment, that conversation will have to wait.

Of course, not all interruptions are created equal. Some can wait, while others need our immediate attention. Especially when the one seeking our attention is our Heavenly Father. It makes sense that when He “interrupts” our plans, whenever and wherever, we should drop whatever we’re doing and give Him our undivided attention. That’s what we will be looking at in our message today. A miraculous, divine interruption.

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