Duel on the Mountain - I Kings 18


Phil Tuttle - Jul 28, 2019

Bulletin Notes

Put yourself in Elijah’s sandals. It’s you against 450 prophets who have something to prove. Each one is ready to put an end to you and your faith, once and for all. Obviously, 450 to 1 are terrible odds. If you’re the one against the 450, you might want to be thinking about hightailing it out of town…pronto!

Unless you’ve taken a lesson or two from Elijah the Tishbite of Gilead. A worshipper of Almighty God. The one true God. The One who is ready to show the world what He can do through a person who is fully sold out to Him. And today we’ll see that what God did for Elijah, can translate into our world in miraculous ways even now.

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