Wake Up to God’s Presence - Exodus 13:21-22


Dave Gudgel - Jul 21, 2019

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Today we begin a new message series focused on Old Testament miracles. Call them God stories or divine intervention—all of them teach us something about God’s unlimited power, unimaginable creativity, and unparalleled work in the world and in the lives of imperfect people who desperately need His help.

For example, the pillars of cloud by day and fire by night that led the Children of Israel for forty years! You’d think that amazing, long-term miracle would have been more than enough to convince them that their first choice should always be to trust God! To make their relationship with Him their top priority. Well…it did, and it didn’t. Which is why this “that’s incredible” part of God’s story is as relevant today as it was in Moses’ day. We’ll see why today.

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