Always in Season - 2 Timothy 4:1-8


Dave Gudgel - Jun 30, 2019

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Let’s admit it. Most of us are fair-weather people. We prefer moderate weather—not too hot and not too cold. Sunshine and blue skies, maybe a few fluffy white clouds, 72 degrees, with a cool breeze describes another perfect Bay Area day. And we love it.

We’d also like life in general to follow that same fair-weather pattern. A job with just enough challenge to keep us from getting bored, but not so much that we are frustrated or miserable. Relationships that are calm and energizing and fun, not stressful or strained.

As Christians, that same desire for fair-weather conditions can impact the proclamation of the Gospel. In our increasingly post-Christian culture, we face a Timothy-like dilemma. Will we go underground with our faith? Will we stay true to God’s Word?

It’s a danger that 1st century churches faced, and it’s a danger that 21st century churches face, too. Which is why Paul’s words to Timothy, that we will be looking at today, are important for us to hear and apply.

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