Still Running Strong - 2 Timothy 4:9-22


Dave Gudgel - Jul 7, 2019

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Finishing what we start isn’t easy in a world that is filled with conflict, push back, boredom, and hardship in abundant measure. Comparatively speaking, starting a new project, book, job, or relationship is easy. But keeping a commitment, a promise, a contract, a vow—for the duration of the pledge—is when things get tough.

Somewhere along the way we hit a wall, and the thought of abandoning the race begins a battle in our minds. The proof of how often we lose that battle can be seen in divorces, abandoned diets, job changes, and even half-read books.

Don’t you love the feeling when you finish something you started? And we love to see others finish what they start. Running strong to the very end. If ever someone displayed that kind of fortitude, especially when it came to matters of faith, it was the Apostle Paul. He finished strong. Today we’ll see why, and hopefully gain insight into how we can do the same.

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