The Ministry of Refreshment - 2 Timothy 1:15-18


Steve Durand - Apr 28, 2019

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In his brief letter to Philemon, the apostle Paul commended his friend for having “refreshed the hearts of the Lord’s people” (Philemon 1:7).

Do you know anybody like that? Do you have people in your life who “refresh” you spiritually? When you’re down, they’re able to lift your soul back up and to cause you to walk away feeling encouraged, hopeful, spiritually stimulated, and grateful for the time you spent together.

Spiritually refreshing people are like an oasis in the midst of a desert. When we find them, we tend not to let them go – and for good reason!

But if we value this trait so much in others, shouldn’t we then consider how we can offer a similar ministry of refreshment to those around us?

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