The Unspoken Fine Print - 2 Timothy 2:1-7


Dave Gudgel - May 5, 2019

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Most of us don’t read the fine print. For various reasons. Some of us can’t see it. Or we don’t want to be bothered so we just scroll through it all and click on “I agree.” Or, could it be that we’d rather not know what we’d rather not know? Especially if it touches on the unwanted?

The Apostle Paul could have done what many do. He could have painted the Christian life as an unbroken string of happiness and success. “Everyone hop aboard for the ride of a lifetime! Let the fun and games begin!” Many people—especially in America—assume that’s what God promises us. A happy, easy, carefree life.

We’ll see that’s not what Paul told Timothy, his protégé. He told him the truth. The fine print. He told him what he needed to know. And it’s what we need to know if we truly want to follow Jesus in such a time as this.

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