The Word Works - 2 Timothy 3:14-17


Steve Durand - Jun 23, 2019

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Bookstores carry an ample supply of books with advice that promise to make you happier, smarter, thinner, stronger, richer, more proficient at something, or better overall than you currently are. Skeptics inevitably ask two primary questions when we come across such a book:

1) Is the advice in this book reliable? In other words, can I trust what the author is saying? 2) Is the advice in this book useful? In other words, will it actually help me?

Amazingly, God has given us a book—the Bible—not only filled with divine wisdom, but completely reliable and useful for every person, in every country, no matter his or her situation or stage in life. Yet even if we’re convinced of its potency, many of us neglect it or only turn to it when we’re at church or in desperate circumstances.

The real question we should be asking, however, is how can we afford not to be in it more often?

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