At Wits’ End - Galatians 4:8-20

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Dave Gudgel - Nov 5, 2017

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When someone says, “I’m at my wits\' end,” their condition usually connects with someone or something that’s got them baffled. Perplexed.

That was the Apostle Paul’s reaction to the believers living in Galatia. They were loved ones who were dear to him. People he deeply cared about. But whose beliefs and behaviors had gone askew. They were messing up big time.

He could have said, “We’re done. See ya. Have a nice life.” But he didn’t. Instead, he did what we need to do the next time we find ourselves at wits’ end with a friend, family member, co-worker, schoolmate, and even fellow Christian. That’s what our message is about this Sunday.

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