The Awareness Factor

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Dave Gudgel - Nov 12, 2017

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Getting past one\'s past is easier said than done. Especially when a person\'s past is steeped in religious activity and works. It will be difficult to say good-bye for good to any \"rules or regulations\" that once were valued and dearly practiced.

For some, letting go of past rules and rituals may seem unimportant. Like, who cares? Why bother? As long as they don\'t hurt me or others, so what? Well, to the Apostle Paul, \"rules and rituals\" are a big deal. Enough for Paul to call into play \"the awareness factor.\"

Just like awareness matters when it comes to how much gas is in your car, knowing the place of religious rules and regulations could be the difference between a powerless works-driven faith and a faith that works.

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