Our Only Boast - Galatians 6:11-18

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Steve Durand - Jan 28, 2018

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We may not freely admit it, but all of us are adept at one thing: boasting. We boast every day, whether publicly or privately, about seemingly anything and everything: family, possessions, abilities, achievements, grades, social connections – you name it. You may even be inwardly boasting right now about the fact that you don’t boast as much as other people do!

The point is that we all boast about, or take pride in, something. And what we choose to boast about actually says a lot more than we realize about who we are at our core, about what we really value, what drives and defines us, what validates us and makes us feel more significant, and even what gives us hope.

There are lots of things – even legitimately good things – about which we can choose to boast. But can you say that you are daily boasting in the one thing that matters more than anything else in life?

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