In Step with The Spirit - Gal 5:16,18,22-25

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Dave Gudgel - Dec 10, 2017

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One can only imagine what our lives would be like as believers if we were to actually become more and more like Christ every day as we walk through this fallen world. If we all became more loving, joyful, patient, kind, and gentle. If our default became to be at peace, no matter what circumstances rocked our world. If we intentionally and consciously walked step by step through our days with God, instead of sometimes losing control – whether from fear, or anger, or even from just living on auto-pilot.

I can only imagine how awesome that would be. But is it possible?

In our study this week in Galatians we will be looking at what God had done to make it possible, and what we are each responsible for if we want Him to do that work in us.

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