The Flesh-Driven Life - Gal 5:13b-17, 19-21

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Steve Durand - Dec 3, 2017

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Let’s be honest: There’s not a day that goes by when either by thought, word, desires, or action we fail to demonstrate that we’re needy people. Maybe it’s an outburst of anger. Maybe it’s a flash of envy or selfishness. Maybe it’s an ugly moment of pride. Maybe it’s bending the truth to your own advantage. Or perhaps it’s an unwise moral decision that you hope no one will ever notice.

We’ve seen over the past several weeks of our current sermon series that one of the primary themes of the book of Galatians is that those who are in Christ have been set free from the law and from sin. But if we are free, why do so many of us continue to find ourselves feeling enslaved and stuck and powerless, making sinful choices and repeating the same selfish behaviors again and again? Why do we promise ourselves, “I’ll never do that again!” only to impulsively end up making the same foolish mistakes just a few days later?

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