Called Into Question - Galatians 1:10-24

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Dave Gudgel - Sep 24, 2017

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It’s bound to happen. Someone is going to come along and question the why behind what you do. Teachers, parents, students, friends, spouses, and even pastors aren’t exempt. Someone will come along and make assumptions about your motives, methods, qualifications, and even character.

That certainly played out in Paul’s life and ministry. But what would you expect? His message was hard for some to swallow. Could they trust the message? Could they trust the messenger? I mean… this was Paul, who used to be Saul!

That’s the rub, isn’t it? There’s always someone ready to question what you’re saying and doing. And when they do, it would be easy to simply say “I don’t need this” and back off. Quit. But not Paul. He kept pressing on. What helped him can help us, as we’ll see this Sunday.

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